New hobby?

We're technically on vacation, but when you are staying in a house and you know you have several weeks to tour around, you don't always have something planned to do. Like the other weekend we seemed to be dawdling around the house all day and Dave could tell I was getting restless.

"Why don't you try riding the motorbike?" he asked
me. The french family has a little mini motorcycle/scooter that they use to zip around town. Seemed like a good idea. Until I got out on the street and realized there were lots of things I didn't think about before I hit the street. Like, why were my side mirrors folded in so I couldn't see behind me? What do I do when a car is really close behind me? How do I signal?

Luckily there wasn't too much traffic, so when I was turning and forgot to slow down there wasn't anybody there to hit. But of course there were like three cars behind
me when I stopped at a red light on a slightly sloping street and just fell over. The motorbike didn't actually fall on top of me, as I gave a heroic effort to stop the fall and stay upright just in time for the light to turn green.



Blogger Larissa said...

What a story! That's awesome that you guys are so adventurous. I can imagine that Dave is getting restless. Does he has his resme ready yet for the bakery??? :)

Blogger Michelle Thurgood said...

Nice leg stasha! I know France is all fancy but I'm so impressed that you were so daring as to wear a dress while riding the mini bike for the first time. Go Stasha!


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