Alexi Gruss Circus

Yesterday I went with the kids and our friends to Monaco to a "spectacle" (speck-tack) of horses. Besides having to leave the show three times because I was recovering from a little gastro-intestinal as a result of eating too much chocolate cake in one day, we had a great time!

Things started off really well when we found parking right across from the arena. The lot was full for cars, but for trucks and camping cars, there were 7 places left. Because we took the Trafic, we were allowed in! Hooray!The show involved a lot of beautiful horses performing tricks, as well as people jumping around on the backs of horses and other acrobatics. We weren't allowed to take pictures, but I swiped this one from the website of Alexi Gruss (he and his family do the show).
After the show the kids fed the horses and played with this big whip. They even got some cotton candy (what a treat!).


Blogger Janae said...

What a fun outing! And that picture of Sophie is darling. We miss her!


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