At Last They Meet

The gang is all here! The kids FINALLY got to meet Margaux, Max and Benj. We all met at their hotel (literally, they OWN the hotel), and walked to this great place called Flunch.

I mean, the name says it all, really. F-Lunch.

That's about how good the food was, and really inexpensive, too, just like everything in France. For a measly 7.90 Euros you can have a hamburger patty cooked to your liking (bien cuit? No problem!), a carbonated beverage (no refills, please!) and as many vegetables as you like. Just fill up your plate with mushy, sauce covered broccoli, dried out mashed potatoes, weird tater tot things, corn, soggy green beans cooked (with an orange vegetable of some sort that are at just the right temperature warming under those red lights) over and over again.

And the kids will flip for 2 fish-shaped fish patties, loads of those same yummy vegetables and an apple juice, all for just 5Euros. Oh, but they do get a balloon for free!

Although the food was pas gourmande, it was great for the kids to run around the play area together and warm up to each other. Dave, Virginie and I had a nice time talking and preparing each other for the swap. Virginie speaks excellent English, so it was fun to talk with her about home.

Countdown to Mougins begins! 3 days . . .

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