Welcome HomeExchangers

This week our family and this blog were featured in the HomeExchange.com newsletter, which goes out to all the people that are members of HomeExchange.com. So all of a sudden the blog has received a lot more traffic than usual.

Since a lot of HomeExchangers are logging on, and many of you have done exchanges yourself, please feel free to post your HomeExchange stories as comments on the blog, or if you want to email me a story instead, send it to "stasha@gmail.com". If it's funny or memorable I might turn it into a posting. Like Karin's posting, from Sweden, below. And if you don't have any stories you want to tell, leave a comment. I read them all.

And if anyone from Mougins, Mouans-Sartoux, Tournamy, Valbonne or Grasse wants to exchange with us for a year in 2008, let us know. Pass the word around that's it's pretty good here in Provence. We might just want to stay a little longer.



Anonymous sabrina said...

waow it's amazing, you seem to become definitely French ! That's great you'll be able to taste every french things soon ... how lucky you are ...! do you want some more blettes-pie ???


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