It's a big day around the world being Super Tuesday, Mardi Gras, and, oh yes, la Cantine.

What is la Cantine? The school cafeteria, of course. Which Abby despises. So that means EVERY Tuesday morning she is crying. No, not crying, SOBBING. Sobbing about how horrible the cantine is, how horrible her life is, and how she hates school.

Granted, I've never eaten at the cantine, but clearly I haven't taught my daughter some important things. Like how to make it look like you've eaten your food.

I had lots of practice when I was younger as I detested sweet potatoes and all things green, unless it was mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Here are some tips:

First, drink all of your water.* That frees up your cup to spit food into it.
Then cut up the food or mash it up so it looks like you've taken bites out of it.
Occasionally put some of it in your mouth, then pretend to take a drink of water.
Spit the food into the cup.

*You might have to actually swallow a couple of bites, and if this is the case, be sure to do it while you still have water in your cup to wash it all down quickly so you don't have to taste the food.

I'm pretty sure there is no radiator running along the floorboards in the cafeteria at the Primaire St. Martin. But if there were, that would also be a good place to hide food you didn't want to eat. Just ask my Mom. I'm sure she can tell you about all kinds of things she had to clean out of ours when we were growing up.


Blogger The Golf Club at Johnson Ranch said...

What kind of a picture is this? The kids at St. Martin are beautiful. This photo looks like the kids live on the streets, with their disheveled hair and chapped faces. This is NOT indicative of school in France. Perhaps you can find a better photo?


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