BIG winner

A few weeks ago we went to McDo where the kids each got a happy meal. The toy was a lame sticker book with a packet of stickers that you could put in your book. But there was a card with a scratch off thing that said you could be the winner of a prize. So when Abby scratched off her card, she was super excited because she won a poster!

She went back inside McDo to claim her prize . . . .That is a pretty small poster. And a disappointed little girl!


Blogger Janae said...

This post is hilarious. I waited to look at the picture until I read the story, and seeing that picture made me laugh out loud! Abby's back!

Blogger Michelle Thurgood said...

Poor Abby!

Anonymous alisa in Los Angeles said...

classic! cracked us up...only the french would call this a poster.


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