(In Case You Forgot What Dave Looks Like)

Dave thought it would be a good idea if Abby invited some friends to go on Friday night to Laser Quest. It turned out to be a great idea! Abby has been pretty shy with the kids at school, so this was a really big deal.

Not only did the usual group of girls get invited, but there were four boys as well! Maxim, Thibault, Alexandre and Swan all showed up! Yes, his name is Swan. And Abby has a crush on him! The other day in the shower she wrote "Abby (heart) Swan" on the foggy door.

I'm so glad Dave has been really motivated to create good social experiences for Abby and the other kids as well here in France. If it were left to me, they would never go anywhere! I think after this fun trip to Laser Quest Abby is better prepared to spend two weeks in Auron with her class. More about that later!


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