Last weekend we went to La Napoule to play at the beach and see the Chateau. We have visited the beach before and taken pictures of the chateau, but this time my sisters and I decided we would take the tour so we could see inside and also walk through the gardens.

It turns out this kooky couple from the States bought the property in the early 1900's so they could build their "Once Upon a Time" dream together in the South of France. The site held some ancient ruins and with the help of an architect and some pretty good engineers, they spent their life realizing this dream.

Henry Clews died before his wife Marie, but before he died, he designed their tombs at the bottom of the tower that faces the sea. He left a panel on each of their sarcophogi open so that every hundred years their spirits can meet at the top of the tower and whisper "Are you there?" and then reply, "Yes, I am close."

Hmmm. That's kinda kooky.


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