It was Super Cold in Paris

Before we decided to take a trip to Paris, I warned my sisters that it would be really cold, so remember to bring a hat, gloves, scarf and wear warm shoes. They all followed my suggestions! I, unfortunately, did not remember to follow my own suggestions.

So I was "forced" to buy this really cool hat that did not make me look like a tourist at all. This was my sixth trip to Paris, and I saw some things I had never seen before, like the Pompidou Centre. My youngest sister likes modern art, so this was at the top of her list.

Pascaline and Nicolas happened to be in Paris all week, so we met for lunch and they showed me the library in the Pompidou where they used to study during medical school. They were really jealous of my hat.


Blogger Janae said...

Very nice!

Blogger Courtney said...

Nice hat! Glad you had fun with your fam.


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