Chocolat Noir

I never really liked dark chocolate. When I was a kid and my Mom would buy that bag of Hershey's mini candy bars with Mr. Goodbar, Milk Chocolate, Krackel and the evil "Special Dark".
We greedily gobbled up the Goodbar, Krackel and Milk chocolate, always leaving the Special Dark to those who dared eat something so disgusting. But the last couple of months I have been buying Poulain's Noir Extra chocolate bars to eat with a baguette. The kids love it as an after-school snack, and I love it anytime! Could be my tastebuds changing with age, but I never would have tried it if not for France. Viva la France!


Anonymous littlest sister said...

that's so funny. i have really taken to dark chocolate recently too. we've eaten a lot of Ghirardelli in the past couple of months.

Blogger Courtney said...

I prefer dark chocolate. Plus, now you can pretend you are a healthy eater since dk choc contains all of those antioxidants.

Anonymous shimber said...

Welcome to the dark side! Dark chocolate is SO good - but you have to get the right kind. For example, Lindt. Hershey's dark, however, IS pretty nasty. :)


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