Vomiting in School is Embarrassing in Any Country

I went to pick up the kids for lunch today (every Monday and Friday), when Abby's teacher met me at the gate. Along with several of her classmates who were excitedly saying: "Abby a vomit PARTOUT!"

Indeed she had vomited everywhere. There were scrambled eggs from this morning's breakfast all over the floor of her classroom as well as all over herself.

Poor thing. She probably felt fine after she threw up, but she was crying because she vomited in front of her class as well as in front of Mr. Gyss, who is the director of the school and instills fear in children from any country.

When is my husband coming home? Oh, right, not until tomorrow afternoon. I'm sure by then Sam will have thrown up and Dave will have missed all the fun.


Anonymous littlest sister said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! Poor Abby. and you.

Anonymous sabrina said...

First you, then samuel, and sophie and carter, now abby, ...who's next ? Dave just keep on working far away ... this house is dangerous ! Good luck ...

Blogger Courtney said...

Back in my illustrious days as a deli/bakery girl at the neighborhood grocery store, I threw up right after I sliced a pound of turkey for a guy but before I could grab him his donut. I'm pretty sure after I threw up in the nearest garbage can he decided to go him without the turkey and donut.


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