Carter woke up screaming again. He was a total grump until he upchucked all over the floor next to the computer. He's been in a much better mood since then!

Sam decided to cut his hair. You know the drill . . . right in front, big chunk where everyone can see it. After his dumb haircut that I gave him a few months back had finally grown out!

In non-child related news, France's children's channel, Gulli, has an unhealthy relationship with the 90's sitcom "Step-by-Step," starring Suzanne Somers and Patrick Duffy. Also starring some annoying kids and pre-teens that have presumably left the entertainment business with an unrealistic perspective on life and/or a drug problem.

It seems like every time the TV is on, that show is playing. Seeing Suzanne Somers in "mom" jeans talking about very important issues with her teenage daughter(s) that are wearing billowy, flowery, baby-doll dresses with giant fluffy hair tied back with scrunchies is like watching a bad homemade movie of my high school in Ohio circa 1992.
I find it hard to believe that this show was really so great that they needed to dub it into French and play it over and over again in another country. Or maybe it was just really cheap to buy the re-runs because it was so terrible.

Up next on "Gulli": Inspector Gadget. Plays almost as much as Step by Step!


Blogger hughes family said...

stasha, i'm so sorry that carter is sick--hopefully getting it 'out' will help his grumpiness--and only a few more days 'til dave is back--no fun doing sick kids alone, let alone doing so in a foreign country.
your kids really need one good morning dose of Nick Jr!

Blogger Shanel said...

My kids have been watching reruns of Full house. That's almost as bad as step by step. Bob Saggett is a winner!

Blogger CaroT said...

It is great to read of your experiences as we are about to embark on a very similar experience. We will be living in a village near the alps and are doing a home exchange too, with our four children. Your writing is great, and i really enjoyed your husband's post about the swimming pool and the speedos. Reminds me of a similar experience of bathing in France, but it was worse because it was a private pool and they wore nothing at all - You would have been thankful for a speedo there!!!

Blogger La Vie Échange said...

Carot, I am very interested to hear about your upcoming adventure and hope that if you start a blog that you will pass along the address!

Thank goodness for Speedos!

Blogger Courtney said...

You'd think they would at least play Saved by the Bell.

Blogger CaroT said...

Stasha, I have tried to set up a blog. It will take some refining to work it all out. How to add pictures etc. I hope to have plenty of time for that when we finally arrive in France!!
What I have done so far (one post!) is here


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