That means three more days until Dave returns from the U.S.

What's the saying . . . .I'm hanging on by my fingertips?

Example: Carter screaming his head off. Like SHRIEKING, for the hundreth time in the last nine days. Won't go into car seat to drive home.

Please don't tell the authorities, because I just left him wherever he was in the back of the car, got in the front seat and drove home.

I'm quite certain the French Police or Gendarmerie or whoever it is that stands by the side of the road occasion to check your seat belts would have "me enguler" (cussed me out basically), charged me 190 euros, and had me deported.

But we all made it home just fine and no stops by the boys in blue.

I am OVERJOYED that 1) Carter is in bed 2) I won't have to hear him screaming again for another 11 hours.

Bonne Nuit.


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