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Tuesday night I took Abby to the orthodontist to see how much it would cost for her to have braces. He told me it is 630 euros every six months. For two years, that would be about $3700. Does that seem expensive? I had braces when I waws 27 and it cost $5,000. And that didn't include my retainer!

I would like to know how much braces for children cost around the world. So wherever you live, will you tell me how much you paid for your child to have braces?


Blogger Samantha said...

Do you have a mutuelle? If so, check with them, I bet they'll reimburse you a good chunk of that!

Blogger Shanel said...

We just took Wren to the Orthodontist, for this first phase it would be around $2100, $1000 after insurance coverage. She would then need to go again when she was 12 or so and get the rest of her work done. So, another $2000 before insurance. It all depends on how much work need to be done.


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