Countdown to Paris

Two more days until I leave for Paris. I will be meeting three of my sisters, my youngest brother and his wife around noon on Saturday. That is, if I can get there . . .

I received this email from my friend today:

salut stasha j'espère que tu vas bien il y a donc une grève des controleurs aeriens à orly mais pas à roissy qu'as-tu reserve?

Hi Stasha, I hope you are well. There is a controller's strike at the Orly airport, but not at Charles de Gualle. What did you reserve?

Lucky for me I am flying into Charles de Gaulle, not Orly! It's no surprise that there is a strike in France. There is always a strike somewhere in France--Let's just hope the controllers at CDG don't get any funny ideas into their heads between now and Saturday morning!


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