13 Years Ago Today . . . .

This is what Dave and I were doing. Happy Anniversary, honey!

Some things that have changed in 13 years:

- Dave is more patient with messes around the house.
- I am better at cleaning up messes around the house.
- Dave has forgotten how to speak Chinese.
- We have both learned to speak French.
- Our thirst to travel is even greater than before.
- Dave's hair isn't as puffy.
- My teeth aren't as crooked.
- We are now both glad that Dave didn't allow me to register for wedding china.

Things that haven't changed in 13 years:

- Our loyalty to Colgate toothpaste.
- Our pots and pans.
- Dave's love of sports.
- My love of shoes.
- My hair is still crazy in the morning.
- Dave plays the music too loud in the car.
- The way Dave gently lays his dirty socks on the edge of a chair rather then putting them in the hamper.
- How every day with Dave feels like Christmas morning--exciting and wonderful!


Blogger Tina said...

Ahh...I refer to that day as the great nylon melt-down day. I hope you're at a point where you can look back and laugh because I do!


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