where can i find the ass?

We are having a rainy spell, which makes it hard to take nine kids sight-seeing. So today we went to Biot to see the glass making, and then to Carrefour.

Carrefour was, as usual, total chaos. I wanted to buy a pack of playing cards so we could play "400" tonight. We have been playing cards with French people, so we call the names of the cards by their names in French.

un - dix (1-10)
valet (jack)
dame (queen)
roi (king)
ace (ace)

So I asked an employee (in French) where I could find the "cartes de jeux," and when he hesitated, I elaborated by saying, "les cartes normal, avec the ace, the roi . . "

Although this all happened in French, he started to laugh, because the way you pronounce "Ace" in french is "ass." Clearly he knew I wasn't French, so to hear me say that must have sounded funny to him!


Blogger Shanel said...

Wren has been wondering about that word and that it has two meanings. She said that when you read it you could just say donkey instead of the "A" word :)


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