Off They Go!

The night before Jean Paul and Virginie left for the States, they stopped by the flat to say goodbye.

Virginie and JP looked great because they had been fighting with each other all day. That's what you do when you're about to move to another country for a year and you have so many things to do you think you might explode: you fight with your spouse.

I look awesome because of the aforementioned beauty of the flat. I decided we're not actually going to the house in Mougins , but rather we're going to stay in the flat in Dijon forever.

In case you've never seen it, this is the house in Mougins.


Blogger hughes family said...

dave and stasha,
jason and i just had a great laugh reading your blog! we love it! sounds like you guys are having such a great experience--and yes, LOVING the kitchen decor there in that flat. hope you have a great time in your 'new' home, that will be so nice to get to. After a week of being sick, your f-lunch is making my stomach turn...too funny.
say hi to the kids for us!
love, jason and megan


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