Field Trip!

Vieux (old) Mougins, with the Mediterranean in the distance.
This morning was Sam's first field trip! Dave signed me up to accompany Sam's class to the library, which I thought was at the school. But when the kids all began to dress in coats, I thought to myself,"where IS the library?"

I do a lot of thinking these days, instead of asking. Sometimes it's just easier to think to myself than to formulate a question in French and risk not understanding the response. As I'm learning about life, sometimes you can just wait and see how what happens. So I put on my coat like the children, thought to myself, waited, and voila!: it all turned out ok.

There is in fact no library at the school. Waiting outside was one of those coach buses that people use to drive across the country on sight-seeing tours. Fortunately we only drove for about 5 minutes. The library is in a sort of strip mall area right near the old village of Mougins (the town you see in the photo). It was very small.

A lady ready them a story, then I got to read to some kids (hope they understood me!), then the kids each got on a computer to type their name. I think it all took an hour and a half, but it was really cute. There is a girl in Sam's class named Anais that I want him to marry.

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Blogger onebusylady said...

Anais, is that pronuced Anus? I can see why you would be supportive of that marital union.

Anais Ashton has a very nice ring to it.

Blogger C'est La Vie said...

Dave says that every Ashton already has an "Anais", including Sam. So perhaps he doesn't need a second one.


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