Out to Lunch

(L-R) Me with Stephanie and Laetitia in Old Mougins
On Tuesdays and Thursdays the kids stay at school all day! This gives us a chance to "practice french" as I like to call it. What it really means is that Dave and I get to go to lunch with our friends who are french. We go to a yummy restaurant and eat food that someone else gets to prepare and we talk and then walk around afterward. This is especially exciting for me because if you know Dave at all, he hates paying for food at a restaurant. At home we will occasionally go out with friends, but usually he says, let's just make something at home! Aaah, but in France he gets VALUE. It's all about the value. It is a french lesson and a meal all in one, so it is worth paying 50 euros for lunch! Hey, I totally agree.

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