I love frqnce1

Sorry I Hqvenùt posted anything for q zhile; but noz thqt ze qre in the house in <,ougins; I thought I zould get on the co,puter qnd post q blog1
one of the things I reqlly love qbout frqnce is the keyboqrd for the co,puter: I ,eqn; everything is just zhere it should be1
It is so eqsy to type reqlly fqst qnd get q lot of ideqs zritten dozn very auickly:
I think zhenever ze co,e bqck to the US I zould very ,uch like to bring this keyboqrd zith ,e so thqt I cqn qlzqys type qs cleqrly qnd auickly qnd hqve qs ,uch fun doing it qs I q, these dqys here in ?ougins.

What a great thing: to spend a year using a computer that has a keyboard in which the letters are in different places than the keyboards in the US. I can't say I'd planned on that one...

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