Trick or Treat

On Halloween we were invited to go "Trick or Treating" with Sam's friend Joachim. So after the Halloween Spectacle (pronounced "speck TACK") put on by the Ville de Mougins, we all costumed up and got ready for some serious door knocking.

I personally was looking forward to some nice treats, some mini Snickers bars, Twix or maybe some Kit Kats. I knew better than to hope for the Halloween staples (non-existent in France): Reese's Cups or Baby Ruth.

Pretty much every house I have seen in Mougins is behind a tall hedge and a gate, so lucky for us Joachim lives in an apartment complex with plenty of doors ripe for the picking. Orange buckets at the ready, we headed out the door and started the rounds. Just for good luck, Jo's Mom put a few starter candies in each bucket.

Door one-success! A handful of something called Krema. Non-colored chewy candies softer than a Starburst but just as tasty. Good start.

Door two-no one home.

Door three-Handful of green candies. Turns out they are actually menthol cough drops. Are you kidding me?

Door four-Krema

Door five-Fake brand Krema

Door six-Krema

Door seven-Krema.

WHERE IS THE CHOCOLATE, PEOPLE???? A box of Smarties at least?

Door eight-mini Kit Kat HOORAY! But I realize as soon as that red wrapper hit the pile of Kremas there was no way I was going to get my hands on it. Dang!

By the time we got to door 27 or so I was feeling a little desperate. What is Halloween without piles of miniature candy bars to separate into little piles after the looting is over? A pile of Mounds here, a pile of Mars bars there. You know how it goes . . . then you hide it all in your room and see if you can make it last until Christmas.

So when I passed this sign in the hallway, "Sorry, We Don't Have Any More Candy", I couldn't have been happier!

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Anonymous Mom said...

I must say I laughed and laughed about this post. What an experience. I've also shared it with lots of people who found it facinating and funny.
Halloween candy this week is 50% off almost everywhere. Too bad it would cost so much to send you a bag of your favorite. You'll be healthier as a result. :)


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