La Lettre

This is the next great French song. And the video is good too. I'm starting to like this stuff. They could just speak in English and then what they say would make a lot more sense, but I guess it's easier for them not to speak English or something. Seems nutty.

You can read the words in French here. The lyrics all make sense when you watch the video, which is very entertaining. The guy has very skinny arms. I've translated the lyrics below to the best of my ability, but I'll probably get some stuff wrong. Suggestions are welcome. Both the music and lyrics are great.

La Lettre - Renan Luce
I received a letter, it was perhaps a month old
It arrived by mistake, a blunder by the mailman.

It had spray perfume and red lips on it
I had the letter, but perhaps I wasn’t supposed to open it.

But I am a man who likes these kinds of games
and if she wants to call me Alphonse or Fred then so be it...so be it.

Some pretty daisies dotted all the “i”s
With handwritten curves, like at the abbeys
It had some spelling errors and showed a slight dyslexia
and was signed by a petite sexy blonde.

And I am a man who likes this kind of game
I don’t like nuns, and I had fallen in love…in love.

She wrote that Sunday she would be on the cliff
Where I had once held her by the hips
And that if I lacked the tact
To take responsibility for my frolicking
She would choose the impact
Of thirty meters below.

But I am a man who likes these kinds of challenges.
I didn’t want this senseless thing to happen
Because I had fallen in love…in love

Thanks to the letter’s postmark - a city at the English Channel;
I arrived in front of the post office on Sunday morning
The place was deserted, but I had to be patient.
There are not a lot of suicidal blondes.

And I am a man who likes these kind of challenges,
wanting to beat Newton (gravity)
Because I had fallen in love…in love.

She was looking over the English Channel.
When I saw her again I grabbed her by the sleeve
My little smart one
Who was not so much normal
In regards to her profile
There was a little someone living there…
under her navel.

And I am a man who likes this kind of challenge
And I’m happy to be called Papa if she wants…if she wants.

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