Do Mice Take Bloody Teeth?

Sophie is six and her teeth are coming loose. This is interesting since the first teeth that come loose always seem to be the top middles, and she actually has three top middles instead of two. No, I don't have an answer for you. She calls it her "extra tooth".

On Wednesdays there is no school in this part of France. Perhaps I should post about this glorious fact another time, but for now I must stay on task. Because there is no school on Wednesday, Abby has a French language lesson every Wed afternoon with Thierry. Thierry's daughter Anais is in Sam's class at school. I posted about her before. So this afternoon Anais came over to play with Sophie and Sam while Abby took her lesson. Anais' mother, Patricia, also came over and we chatted for an hour or so while the kids played. She also brought their new baby. I don't remember her name but she's about a year old and has big blue eyes and enormous bulging jowls.

She also kicks a lot. And today while Sophie was tickling her she kicked Sophie's extra tooth right out of her mouth. I expected Sophie to start scream crying but instead she picked up the tooth with glee and said "Now the Petite Souris will come visit me!!!" Her smile looked interesting since her mouth was literally covered in blood. I guess you've noticed that by now.

In France they don't have school on Wednesday but they also don't have the tooth fairy. They have the "Petite Souris". This magical creature is a small mouse that visits homes late at night to leave money for children in exchange for their lost teeth. It's OK, I guess. All in all I think a fairy is better, but the fairy is apparently limited to North American airspace. As Dave told my friend Stephanie the other day,
"You may have an androgynous mouse but in America we have a fairy that glows in the dark and can fly. Can your mouse fly? I seriously doubt it."

That said, Sophie is still excited for the mouse. It's visiting in about five minutes. I have to go find a Euro now.

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Anonymous littlest sister said...

Did she get her front top teeth first? In college I learned that you lose teeth in the order that you get them.

Anonymous Mom said...

Really?! I didn't know that. Are you sure?

Anonymous Mom said...

Tell Sophie her mouth looks...awful or awesome...take your pick, perfect for Halloween. :)

Blogger C'est La Vie said...

I don't actually remember which teeth came first. I think it was the bottom two in the front, but am not sure.

Mom, You didn't know what? Am I sure about what?

Her mouth is cleaned up now, and it turns out the Petite Souris brought FIVE EUROS AND TEN EURO CENTS. The Petite Souris is apparently very generous when it comes to "extra teeth".

Anonymous mom said...

I didn't know that teeth fall out in the order that you get them...and I was checking on the reliability of that comment made by littlest sister.

Anonymous littlest sister said...

Well, that's what they taught us. Neither of my kids are old enough to test that theory, so I don't really know if it's true. I've kept track though so I'll be able to see.
Quite the generous souris. What will she spend it on?

Anonymous bry said...

If it makes you feel any better, it takes mroe to fill up my diesel suburban and I get about the same mileage per tank. That's why diesels are so popular in Europe, they cost about the same to operate as in the U.S., which is much lower than what it costs to operate a vehicle in Europe that runs on unleaded gas.


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