Donkeys and Sardines

Dave has started reading to the kids in French. They don't like it. He must read the simplest possible stories so he's able to translate on the fly. Usually that means they're also extremely short. If he doesn't, the kids start howling for a story in English. Last night he read "Trotro the Donkey and the Sardine", and everyone thought it was funny. Success!

Click on each page to enlarge it (they're in order), and see if you can figure out what's going on. Post your translation in the comments section. The best translation wins nothing!

OK I guess you win online bragging rights.

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Anonymous littlest sister said...

That was cute! Here goes (and i didn't look anything up!)
Troto the Donkey and the Sardine

Troto the donkey doesn't like sardines.
While no one was looking (at him) he put the fish in his pocket.
and ta-da!

Now he could eat his dessert and go play with his friends. Hi Troto!

But no one wanted to play with him.
His friends found that he smelled weird.

That made him too sad, Troto the donkey.
(Or, in better English - That made Troto the donkey too sad.)
He cried and wanted to take his handkerchief out of his pocket.

In it's place he took out a sardine.
His friends believe that it was a magic trick and they clapped very hard.


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sorry it doesn't make it a link automatically.

Anonymous littlest sister said...

very sad
all sad
it's not too sad though

Blogger C'est La Vie said...

Congratulatons, YOU WIN!!

Anonymous littlest sister said...

fabulous. i like being a winner.

Anonymous Mom said...

I'm just now seeing this not that it makes any difference as I could not have translated it at all. Congratulations 'littlest sister'. :)


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