Time to Shop!

Dave snapped a photo of the ladies before we spent the Saturday shopping in St. Tropez. We drove forever to get there because traffic was terrible, then it took us 40 minutes to find a place to park the car!

But it had stopped raining and all the shops had bargains lining the street, so we had fun sifting through the tables and boxes of summer clothes.

The best part of the day was eating crepes with bananas, chocolate and chantilly cream at a place on the water. Yum!

The conversation was all in French, but it was pretty typical for ladies in their thirties: do you drink coke light, coke zero or regular coke? Do you want a taste of my crepe? I love H&M, their clothes are really cute and not very expensive. What are you going to name your baby? Oh, that's so cute! And on and on . ..

If you are curious, from left to right: Miriam, Laetitia, Me, and Stephanie. Tres Jolie!

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Blogger onebusylady said...

Oh Stasha, you're so pretty.
I'm glad you've made some shopping friends, it's definitely more fun with friends than alone.


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