Un Gars Une Fille (a guy and a girl)

We Love This Silly Show! Of course when we watch we don't have the luxury of subtitles; So most of the time we just laugh like fools although we don't understand half of what is going on!

One of the things we're learning is just how alike people are everywhere. Sometimes we allow ourselves to think someone is different than we are because of the way they look, their language, their age, their religion, or where they grew up. But being here drives home the point daily how - with few exceptions - we are all the same. This show makes Dave and I laugh because it's a constant reminder of that fact.

Watch the clip. Even without understanding what they say it's still obvious what they're doing: about to claw each other's eyes out just like Dave and I do on occasion. Fortunately when those events happen in our house, Dave always comes back and humbly tells me how wrong he was, and how sorry he is, and how lucky he must be to have such a perfect wife. And when he does, because I'm a nice person I always take him back. Ladies, I'm sure all your husbands do exactly the same!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard! This is totally our lives before we host almost anything!!

Blogger C'est La Vie said...

Who wrote that? I liked your comment. Dave and I are basically this way also. The pressure of it all...


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