The Back of the House Right Before the Rain Came.
Yesterday the clouds never lifted and we had a heavy rainstorm in the afternoon. Luckily none of the laundry was hanging out on the rack. The rain brought very cool temperatures and this morning I was FREEZING! I even turned on the little heat lamp thing in the bathroom.

Winter is creeping ever closer and I can't say I'm looking forward to it. The most difficult thing will be convincing the kids to wear shoes. We've lived in Arizona for so long that none of them likes to wear them. When we came to France, Sam didn't even HAVE a pair of shoes. For five years he's either been barefoot or in flip flops. But since his school doesn't allow flip flops, we had to go out and buy a new pair of shoes a few weeks ago. He wears them reluctantly.

As the temperature dropped yesterday I instantly thought of how everyone in Arizona is surely still wearing shorts and flip flops as I dressed in jeans, a sweater, a jacket and scarf around my neck! The high temperature yesterday was still near 70 degrees, but with wind from the nearby hills, rain, and my thin Arizona blood, a scarf was entirely necessary!

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Anonymous retracmeus@yahoo.com said...

Don't feel too bad. It was snowing Friday in Idaho. I'm pretty sure Sushelle wasn't too happy about it.

Anonymous Mom said...

I wish I could figure out how to make an intelligent comment on these blog sites. I guess I'll just have to practice more. :)


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