One thing I've learned over the past 2 months is that having a lot of dictionaries does not help you learn French any faster!

What DOES help is watching French TV with sub-titles. French subtitles, that is. You can learn cool words like
mince! and flic.

I got to say "mince!" when I dripped bbq sauce on my shirt on Monday when I snuck off to McDo by myself to enjoy un hamburger et frites without anyone begging me for ice cream.

I heard flic (slang for 'police', or the equivalent of 'cop') at our friend Stephanie's house just this morning when I went for a cafe (I don't drink cafe - how very unFrench!). Her husband owns a small hotel in Morocco and works there three weeks out of every month. She was very tired this morning because not only was her five year-old up all night coughing, but her husband called in the middle of the night saying the flics had come because some guests accused the air-conditioning repairman of stealing 100,000 suisse francs from their room. When the guests refused to pay for their 15 day vacance in Marakech, it was the flic who said they were probably lying, but they all had to go down to the station and file the paperwork. Those nutty Suisse...

Before you know it I might only need ONE dictionary!

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Blogger Michelle Thurgood said...

I hope Dave has been successful in keeping away from the flics! I'm gla you've made some French friends you can go out with. Do you have any friends you speak english with?

Blogger C'est La Vie said...

So far Dave has stayed away from the flics. I hold my breath every day, however...

I have a few friends I can speak English with, and they're very nice people. But most of the time when I speak English it's just to Dave and the kids. When we're out - at school, the store, to some event or another - I always try to go with someone French so I have a chance to practice. If I'm awake 16 hours a day, I'm probably speaking English for 14 or 15 of them. The challenge is finding opportunities to speak in French. What you speak at home really does determine who you are...


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