Abby's Class

For a month or so, pretty much every day Abby told us that she hates school, hates France, and is angry with us for bringing her here. Her teacher told us that for a month she cried at school almost every day. You wouldn't know it by looking at this photo (Abby is the 2nd girl from the right). Sitting just to her left is Emily. Emily is great because she is sweet and friendly and translates everything for Abby. The only problem is Emily is not French! She is English and so of course she is the only friend at school Abby will talk to. We have decided to host a party with all the girls in class so they can get to know Abby better and she can start inviting them over on Wednesdays when there is no school. We hope she'll start talking with the other kids in her class, not one of whom speaks any English. Most particularly, the three girls on her immediate right: Isabeaux, Nina and Florence (Dave's personal favorite). For what it's worth, there are also 3 boys named Alexandre in Abby's class. I guess it's like John or Dave in the US...

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Anonymous Mom said...

Is Abby in the middle row second from right? The picture is so small I can't tell.
Love your blog and that you actually update it! It's the best!

Blogger C'est La Vie said...

Just click on the photo and it expands so you can see it better!

Blogger Janae said...

I think Abby looks really cute!


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