On s'attache

Dave and I joined a workout club about a month ago. It's not like the gyms in the US where you have a place to work out with racquetball and tennis courts, a big locker room for changing, a store to buy some clothes and T-shirts, and perhaps even a restaurant. It's basically a room on the street next to a fish factory with a bunch of machines with signs written in Italian that show you what muscle group each machine works. There's no water fountain so bring your own bottle. Any idea how to say "Tricep Pull-Down Bar" in French?

But they have cheap TVs that show videos of various popular French singers and over the last month I've become "attached" to a few songs, including this one by Christophe Mae, called "On s'attache". Which basically means "We're attached", or "I'm attached to you". It's great. You can read the lyrics in French here.

The song is basically about a man who loves a woman (what song isn't?) that is with someone else. But, he says, I'm just a regular guy, and the fact that you're with someone else doesn't change how I feel about you, so I'm just going to wait
patiently until I can have you. I'll wait my turn, he says, because we're attached. We're meant to be together. It's a really good song. Have a listen.



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