Uh, Happy Birthday?

Last Saturday we went to our first real French birthday party!

Lots of kids, a few balloons, a heap of gifts, and of course, birthday cake.

The highlight of the party was NOT the birthday cake. It was brought out, somewhat unannounced (the mom walked into the room and started to sing, but there was no "gather 'round" call to the table) with a candle or two stuck into the bare top.

Everyone sang and helped themselves to the array of sweet popcorn, Haribo brand chewy candies, coke and juice. As you can see, there wasn't much cake consumed.

HOWEVER, there was quite a stir when the Champomy was brought out, and the children all cheered when the cork was popped out and went flying across the room. Trainin' 'em young in France.
Joyeux Anniversaire! By way of interest, here are some other photos from the party:

Of course, why wouldn't there be a baby ostrich, an ENORMOUS rooster and REAL champagne at a birthday party in France?

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That's hilarious!


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