School is Out!

School's out, school's out, teachers let themselves out? The other day we arrived at school to find a note on the classroom door:

Madame Sylviane has gone to attend to some family matters. She will not be at school today or tomorrow. Please take your children home.

Needless to say, Sam was thrilled! He got to come home and watch cartoons and play on Webkinz. In the meantime, Abby was also home from school nursing her "injured" foot. Dad accidentally jumped on it while on the trampoline and she was taking full advantage of the incident.

I called a friend to find out what to do as Abby would not be at school that day. "Oh, nothing" she replied, "just send a note tomorrow in her book telling the teacher she wasn't well." I wasn't thrilled to have TWO kids home from school, but was especially worried that Abby had missed a day, seeing as how she needs all the exposure to French that she can get.

But I needn't have worried! Apparently that very same day Abby's teacher was also out sick and therefore the entire class had gotten a free day off school. Even more wonderful, Madame Balloy would be out the next day as well!

Berets off to France on this one. Teacher sick? No sense wasting time or money to find a "substitute" teacher! Why pay for someone that will almost certainly sit in the room babysitting the children while they concoct ways to torture her or make fun of her behind her back? Rather, keep them home with Mom, Dad, Grandma or whomever to make sure the day is well spent.

I can't say we spent the day studying verb conjugations or practicing math, but any day we get to hang out with our kids is a day well spent.

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