Josh Groban on Star Academy

Pierre, (26 yrs old from Paris) and Josh Groban (wearing makeup?)

Last night on "Star Academy" Josh Groban was one of the celebrity guests. I don't know if they do this on American Idol, but on Star Academy, the contestants live together in a chateau and have dance and voice teachers. They also practice and perform with celebrities, which is really cool.

Here is the link of Josh Groban and Pierre singing "You Raise Me Up." Notice the funny look on Pierre's face most of the time. I don't know if that is a face you make because you are singing with a celebrity and you don't want to mess up, or if it is the face you make when you are singing in English and you don't really know what you are saying.

But it was really fun to see Josh Groban on TV here in France. Nice little taste of home for the Holidays.



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