Hey You! Yes You, The Australian People

We have this tracker on the blog that shows the general location of everyone that visits, and how often they stop by. The bigger the dot, the more the visits. For example, more people have visited from Phoenix than from anywhere else. Makes sense since we're from there. The next most common place is Nice, probably because I (Dave) visit this blog like 50 times a day because I never do anything.

There have been some visits from very interesting places the last few months, like the dude who visited from Dubai. Or the guy from Algeria. Or the lady from Iceland. I hope it was Bjork. Bjork's music is terrible but that video of her beating up that Japanese reporter a few years ago was incredible. I mean, out of nowhere she just went crazy.

But to me, the most interesting visitor of all is the dude - smack dab in the middle of Australia - who has visited this blog like a hundred times in the last few months. I mean, have any of you ever been to the middle of Australia? Yeah neither have I. The thing that fascinates me is that there's nothing around it for like a thousand miles. Other than New Guinea it might be the most isolated place on earth. But they have Internet there. And the dude that checks out this blog. Other than that it's pretty much just lizards, didgeridoos, and one huge red rock that's taller than the Tower of Babel and wider than Manhattan. Or something like that. Did the Tower of Babel ever really exist?

I know I'm crazy but I think about this visitor a lot. What's he doing (she?)? Why is he/she there? Does she get her food from the sand? How does the big rock look at sundown? And do you really think didgeridoos make good music? I mean, they look cool and all but they make sounds that are more irritating than the worst song by Bjork. And I've never seen a didgeridoo beat up a Japanese reporter, so there you go.

And while I'm at it, props go out to the dude just south of Perth, the dude in Brisbane, and the several people that have visted from Melbourne. As they say here in France, chapeau or 'hats off' to you. You visit more than people from Sydney, so thanks. People from Melbourne are better than people from Sydney anyway. Posers.

Anyway, thanks to all you Aussies for visiting. You comprise .42% of the world's population but you're on mind a lot more than that. If you wouldn't mind, post a comment or two so I can get answers to my questions and satisfy my curiosity about what's going on over there. And have a great day, ta.

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Blogger Dave Barnes said...

I need my props Dave. I spent over two hours on the blog yesterday to catch up. I am working in the great state of Tennessee right now so it should show as a hit from Nashville.

Blogger Dave said...

Props go out to my old friend Dave Barnes who I've known for half a lifetime. He lives in Utah but works everywhere: even in Tennessee. I'm not sure the point of ever going to Tennessee but maybe there's something good there.

Blogger French for a While said...

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Blogger French for a While said...

I spend hours looking at the map on our blog. It's great fun. I'm now interested in your mystery reader from Austalia.

Dave commented a couple of times on our blog. I think we live pretty close to you. We should get together sometime, especially since it seems we have kids about the same age.

Blogger La Vie Échange said...

We live in Mougins, which is not too far from Le Rouret. We could meet at the Carrefour in Antibes, but don't forget your plastic bags!

JK! Seriously, I think it would be fun to get together. daveashton@gmail.com


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