It is after midnight, but I am enjoying the silence of a sleeping house. Especially since we have three extra kids this weekend! Our friends drove to Italy earlier today and left their kids with us. It has been really great because Abby has kind of opened up and was speaking French all day with the other kids.

Dave was the first one to fall asleep, but everyone was snoozing by 10:30! Now it is just me and the frogs.

Yes, the frogs! I wish I could record them because they are amazingly loud. They've got their own orchestra going in the garden. In fact, the other night there were four enormous frogs in the road, so we decided to catch up and put it in a tupperware that was in the car. We gave it to Pascaline and told her it was something she "could eat."

Boy was that funny when she opened up the box to find a big frog inside!


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