even daddies have rough days

Today Dave had kind of a rough day. On the way to school this morning, the kids decided to ask him a bunch of questions in French, and when he replied, they roared with laughter and made fun of his accent.

"Le pauvre" as they say in French. (Poor thing!)


Blogger Janae said...

Ouch! At least you know how's in charge, right? Don't worry though, whenever Dave needs a pick-me-up he can remember that he knows lots more French than me!

Anonymous alisa in Los Angeles said...

I think that is wonderful your kids are getting the opportunity to live and learn french. Isn't it amazing how fast they have picked up the language, so much easier than us older folks who are trying to learn it. Poor Dave...I feel his pain.

Blogger The Telfers In France said...

Ha ha ha!
Our kids do exactly the same thing. They scream with laughter when their Dad tries to say something in French. He had his first French lesson on Monday, and when he tries to say something they reply with "Je ne comprends pas".
They used to come home from school and ask "où habitez-vous ??" to which he would reply "oui" (his standard response). That really cracked them up and they would laugh "ha, ha, Daddy lives in wee!"


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