I'm Alive

I know that sometimes when I don't write for a while that my Mom wonders what I am doing and if everything is okay. So here is a photo of me in the bathroom (that Dave snapped while I was getting ready for our date). Hopefully this will show that:

1. I am alive
2. I am healthy
3. I occasionally straighten my curly hair
4. That occasionally I clean.

Oh, you thought that windex was for my hair? Because that is a totally normal place for a bottle of windex to be sitting while you do your hair.


Blogger Shanel said...

Believe it or not I currently have a bottle of windex in my bathroom. We must be related.

Blogger Janae said...

I'm sitting with Emily, and I enlarged this picture so she could see it and she said, "Mommy, she's very pretty!" :)

Anonymous Multifuncional said...

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Blogger beckylou said...

If you were Greek and in the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", you might use the windex on your hair. Or for your elbows or whatever. :)


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