job well done

The cherry tree yielded a good crop. Everyone had a great time picking the cherries! If my sister were here, I'm sure she would make cherry pie or something. Oooh, maybe I should learn how to make cheesecake from scratch!


Blogger Shanel said...

Dave, if your muscles get any bigger they will rip your t-shirt. :)

Blogger Shanel said...

didn't Sam want to pick any cherries?

Anonymous alisa said...

i have an amazing cheesecake receipe....easy and it turns out great...perfect for those cherries. let me know I'll send it over.

Blogger La Vie Échangée said...

Alisa I would love your cheesecake recipe. Please send it to stashaATgmailDOTcom. (have to avoid those spammers). But send it quick because the cherries are starting to spoil...Hope I can find all the ingredients here in Mougins!

Blogger Janae said...

Mmm! Or cherry cobbler! Have you thought about canning any? Kind of a project now, but so yummy later. I have a great cobbler recipe!

Blogger La Canadienne said...

Hey Stasha! I'm a Canadian living in Marseille and I love reading your blog!

I just wanted to give you the heads up if you decide to make cheesecake with your lovely cherries... Creamcheese is nearly impossible to find in France! I know, I know... How can a country that produces hundreds of different cheeses not have a good brick of Philly around, right? I spent days asking myself the same thing a few Thanksgivings ago when I was trying to make a pumpkin cheesecake. I eventually read somewhere on the internet that neufchatel was a good creamcheese substitute and decided to try it - something I would definitely advise against! I read a few months later on another site that neufchatel had a nice 'mushroomy flavour' which I'm sure made my pumpkin cheesecake taste just wonderful! I've since been told that St.Moret cheese is apparently quite creamcheese-like but have yet to try it myself... Or you may just be lucky enough to find the real thing near you!

Another fabulous French dessert to make with cherries is clafoutis! I have a recipe I could send you if you like or there are surely lots of them to find on online cooking sites and I think all the ingredients will be found eaily in France!

Bon courage and have fun!

Blogger French for a While said...

Good luck finding cream cheese in France. Although they do have Philadelphia's at the store I told you about (still can't remember where it is).

Blogger Marissa said...

stash! Thanks for my bday comment! Hope you had a happy one!! Looks like you are having a blast still! so jealous....I went to a french bakery the other day....not quite the same...:) love ya lady! cute fam,love the pics!

Blogger Samantha said...

Wow, your husband is a hottie!! :-)

As for the cheesecake, I use half St Moret and half Marscapone, and it's not exactly the same, but it's about as close as you can get.

PS. They sell Philly in Italy, so if you're ever over there, take a peak in a grocery store!!

Blogger La Vie Échangée said...

Thanks to La Canadienne and Sam de Bretagne for the advice on cream cheese! And please send me the recipes (stashaATgmailDOTcom), including for the cobbler, Janae. If I can find the ingredients I might make them and post. But we'll EAT first...

And thanks for your comments, I loved reading them!

Anonymous Husband of La Vie Echangee said...

Shanel and Samantha: I think those were compliments and if that's the case, thanks! They made me feel good!

Blogger Vicki said...

What a great family activity...picking cherries, eating cherries, cooking with cherries. They look like sweet, yummy cherries.

Blogger nicole hill said...

your pictures are great, by the way.. you never needed to fly me out. :)


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