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Today the kids went for their first real swim of the year. The water in the pool in my opinion is freezing, but the kids didn't seem to mind. I was standing literally three feet away from Carter with my back turned when he fell into the water. I heard nothing until Sam said in a fairly regular voice, "Carter fell in."

I have jumped in the pool many times before to help one of my struggling children. And today was no different. Dressed in jeans and a white shirt, with just once glance to locate my baby, I was in that chilly water.

Love, whether it is for your child, a friend, or a stranger is a powerful force that needs no translation and lives within no boundary.


Blogger Janae said...

Scary. I'm relieved Emily is so willing to wear her 'muscles'. But just this week she decided to take them off and 'go get something', as she put it. I stood next to her in the water as she fearlessly stepped off the ledge, and then immediately dropped to the bottom of the pool. Later that day when Daddy was home from work, I asked Emily to tell him about what she did in the pool. She replied, "I just sank!"

Anonymous alisa said...

LoVe...it is wonderful isn't it.

We rented a house in Palms Springs a year ago for 2 weeks, it had a pool...we opened the front door and let the dogs in, then opened the back doors so they could go outside...we went to the car to get the luggage...we came back and 2 dogs were there, but no pug...Bruce saw ripped in the pool...we ran outside and there he was almost sinking in the deep end. He had never seen a pool before and just walked off the end. I jumped in with all my clothes on to rescue him. So, to add to your last paragraph - "love, whether it is for your child, a friend, YOUR DOG, or a stranger is a powerful force that needs no translation and lives within no boundary"

Blogger Vicki said...

I am SOOOOO glad you were close to the pool and could jump in and rescue that darling boy. Keep a close eye on him. Is there a fence around that pool?


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