I tried to make pancakes from scratch. I read somewhere that "levure chimique" is the same as baking powder. If it is, it is NOT used in the same proportions as baking powder. Unless pancakes are meant to be the consistency of cinnamon rolls.


Blogger Penny said...

Yes, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the levure chimique too. I would prefer to make my own baking powder from bicarb soda and cream of tartar but I have yet to find cream of tartar. Someone told me you buy it at the hardware store! Wierd!

Blogger The Telfers In France said...

I have been told that Americans don't bake from scratch very often, but that is what we are used to...
We have worked out that to make a cake rise we need to put in a LOT of levure chimique, but they are never light and airy like we have in australia. French cakes always seem to be more solid than what we're used to.
Your pancakes batter just looks like it needs more milk for consistency...

Blogger Vicki said...

How did the pancakes taste?


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