The world's #1 ranked women's tennis player isn't French but the French love her because she's from Belgium. Justine Henin retired abruptly on Wednesday at age 25 and held a news conference with her coach, Carlos Rodriguez, who is often credited with helping make her a great champion.

Henin was the one retiring but was totally composed during the news conference. Rodriguez was the one who had a hard time and it was touching to see. It was reported this way:

Dressed in a simple white T-shirt and jeans, her brown hair in a ponytail, Henin spoke in French for nine minutes before taking questions Wednesday. She never lost her composure and held the microphone firmly.

But her coach, Carlos Rodriguez, broke down in tears.

"Because of her," he said, "I am somebody."


Blogger Janae said...

This is pretty cool.

Blogger Vicki said...

Why did she retire and why did you add this to your blog?


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