another holiday

The beginning of May in France full of holidays. We've had three after only twelve days. The first of May is a holiday virtually everywhere in Europe. I can't remember why. Anyone know?

Last Thursday was also a holiday, called "Ascension", which commemorates when Jesus ascended to heaven after his resurrection. You can see it happening in the tapestry above, which looks great for something knitted in the 6th century. Based on our experience last Thursday, everyone near Mougins spends Ascension at the beach.

Yesterday was Pentecost and now I think the holidays are over. The kids are back at school, we got the mail, the garbage has been taken away and the house is quiet again. I'm happy for that too.


Blogger beckylou said...

Was the first of May the start of some horrible battle in WWII or something like that? I think it was.

Blogger French for a While said...

Angelina was shopping in Monaco over the weekend. This was your chance to introduce yourself to your soon-to-be best friend.

Blogger La Vie Échangée said...

Becky you're right - that's exactly what it is and I'd forgotten. Nice call! It's to commemorate the surrender of Germany in WWII in 1945.

Blogger La Vie Échangée said...

Angelina is very elusive. She hasn't responded to any of the letters on my blog, nor has she just dropped by our place, which she's welcome to do. So I guess I'll keep waiting.


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