i need an ipod

Goodbye My Lover

It's guest-writer Dave. Nearly four months ago I lost my ipod. It had nearly every song on it that I've ever enjoyed, including every song ever released by Led Zeppelin, U2 and Coldplay, a hundred songs each by the Who and Travis and all of 90125 by Yes, which has been long forgotten by the world.

Since then I've not bought a new one because
  1. I want one of these but I need it with at least 16gb and they don't make it yet.
  2. All my music is on the computer at the house in AZ and I don't know anyone there who knows how to format and load an ipod, then send to me here.
I used to sleep with my iPod so I'm lonely and it's hard. Now when I want to hear music I have to go to YouTube. But, surprisingly, doing this has also allowed me to rediscover the beauty of new music. Just yesterday people I like have sent or posted the below songs, all of which I'd never heard before and all of which are really good. I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I have.


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