The other day I went with my friend to Castorama to buy paint. I buy lots of paint in Phoenix because I like to live in a house with colored walls. I even have my own account at Dunn Edwards.

So let's say I have a lot of experience with paint. I was excited to buy paint because I am going to paint my friend's doctors' office with her next week.

Here's how you buy paint at Home Depot or Dunn Edwards or Sherwin Williams:

1. Pick a color from a swatch or have something color matched.
2. The employee grabs a can of white paint and adds drops of color to get the color you want.

Here's how you buy paint at Castorama:

1. Look at the paint on the shelf.
2. Choose from the colors that are on the shelf.

You can draw your own conclusions, but I'm going with Home Depot on this one. I'll let you know how the office turns out.


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