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On Wednesday the "Grande Section" at the Maternelle (kindergarten, basically) had a sort of field day with kids from the first year of Primaire, called CP. I went as an adult chaperone, and as I had two kids at the event, I brought our lunch all in one sack. I was running late and didn't take the time to make sandwiches, I just grabbed a loaf of bread, my Sam's club size jar of JIF, the jelly and some apples and drinks.All the kids, chaperones and teachers sat on the lawn to eat lunch, and there I was with my giant jar of peanut butter. There was a lot of joking, scrunched up faces at the thought of eating something so poo-like, and even a request for a taste! One of the other mother's had a little taste and said it was not bad.

If only they knew all the yummy things we make with peanut butter, like milkshakes, cookies, pb & banana sandwiches, pb filled pretzels, chubby hubby ice cream, reese's cups, etc. Oh the joy!


Anonymous shimber said...

Is there really no peanut butter in France? If so, they don't know what they're missing!

Blogger Vicki said...

What did the french kids eat?

Blogger Vicki said...

There is no peanut butter in Brazil either. We sent it there for Stephen. Are peanuts an American food not available elsewhere?


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