now I have a 10 year-old

Double Digits!

I seem to remember a May 7th when...
WAIT! Can it be that you are really 10?!!

Timely letters filled with birthday wishes
Are not my cup of tea.

Somehow everything was easier
When you were only three.

But, alas... those days are gone forever.
Each year that passes,
You just get better and more clever.

Happy Birthday, Abby!
Stop growing up so fast.
Try to enjoy your special day,
See how l o n g you can make it last!

-poem by Grandma Sue


Blogger Vicki said...

When each of my children celebrated their 10th birthday I recall thinking to myself, "Only 8 more years and you're gone from home...gone from the family and out on your own..." My advice: be sure to relish with joy each moment you have from here. She'll be grown and gone before you know it.


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