ice cream sous la table

The other night after the kids had eaten dinner, I noticed the lid to an ice cream carton sitting on the table. I was busy chatting with friends that were over, so I just assumed the kids had eaten all the ice cream and forgotten to throw out the lid.

About ten minutes after I noticed the lid, I was walking by the kitchen table and I felt something by my foot. When I lifted up the tablecloth, this is what I saw:He went for the good stuff: "Carte D'Or" vanilla. He's no dummy.


Blogger Shanel said...

Is he left handed?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least he got a bowl...my boys eat it right out of the container. Too cute!

Blogger Janae said...

He looks SO different every time you post a new picture. So, so cute though!

Blogger Vicki said...

What a cute guy!

Blogger onebusylady said...

Smart kid!


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