jour ferrier

Last week in Cannes

Today was a "jour ferrier" or a holiday as we say in English. We profited from the nice weather and headed once again down to la Croisette in Cannes to the beach.

I did not have my camera with me to capture the day, but I did come home with some anecdotes.

Like the pleasant surprise of once again running into "French for a While" and eating Wheat Thins and chewing some bubble gum flavored Extra gum.

Or the great story where I took the older kids to the snack stand to buy some lollipops and told Dave to watch Carter so I didn't have to take him with me. And when I came back Dave was happily chatting with friends but Carter was nowhere to be found.

We did the old "you go right, I'll go left" and I was the unlucky one that went left. I mean, I was lucky in that I found Carter safe and sound (like 1/4 mile down the beach), unlucky in that he was handed to me by a very angry, very tanned and very naked french woman. She gave me a good "Irish blessing" as my Dad says.

It's hard to be yelled at by someone not wearing a top. I just mumbled "merci" and walked away. Maybe it's a good thing that it was me and not Dave who went left.


Blogger Shanel said...

I see an aspiring plumber in the family ;)Unfortunately he will have a tan line this year, unlike years past :)

Blogger French for a While said...

Ah, it was great to run in to you as well. My arm is a bit sore from our baseball 'game'. I'm sure we looked very cool throwing around the velcro tennis ball like we were in game 7 of the World Series. But it was so much fun! Haven't done that in a while.


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