some photographs from last saturday

These were all taken by A Little Sussy in the old village of Mougins last Saturday afternoon. She took more than two hundred pictures that I really like so I'll post some others later, taken at the house and at the beach in Cannes.
I'm very happy with how the photos turned out. What do you think about them?


Blogger Janae said...

I LOVE THE PICTURES! Abby looks like a model in this one, and Sophie and Carter are just perfect. I'm so glad you have such a great selection of pictures you like!

Anonymous littlest sister said...

Wow! Abby looks so beautiful in that picture.

Anonymous shimber said...

Those pictures are gorgeous! Luckeee!

Blogger Vicki said...

Every one I've seen is striking. Each captures personality and brings a smile. They are priceless and I'm sure will be treasured as a precious reminder of this unique experience you've shared together. You are a beautiful family.

Blogger hughes family said...

stasha, these pics are so beautiful. helps too that you live in such a gorgeous place! the kids look so great, and i love that one of your family. what a great photographer!


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